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Barometer for equal opportunities


Discrimination includes the attitudes and prejudices against differently perceived groups. These prejudices are motivational trigger for some behaviors on individual level first and on entire systems on other level.
It may be related to gender, age , ethnicity , sexual orientation , religion or belief , the existence of physical or mental disability, political beliefs and party affiliation .
These seven forms of discrimination were included in the actual research. The perceptions, attitudes and awareness of their existence were measured. The experiences of oneself as part of minority group were also measured. The presence of discrimination was measured through personal experience and testimonies of participants. The degree of discrimination reflects the willingness of the country to fight against it and the participants perception of this efforts was also measured. The research measured the extent to which unequal treatment of persons from minority groups is present in the hiring process and the participants awareness of their rights in case of discrimination .
The survey is conducted by phone (CATI) on a representative sample of 1600 respondents on national level by trained Macedonian and Albanian pollsters.