Description of our company

M-prospect is a research company dedicated to producing research of high quality in multiple areas by means of public opinion research and other related methods. Along the needs of our local clients, M-prospect also works in regional and international research projects. M-prospect is a team of experienced researchers of public opinion and communications. The team consists of political scientists, sociologists, psychologists, economists and communication experts. We also cooperate with a wider group of experts in different fields who help as acquire and in-depth preparation and analysis in every research project


The research centre of M-prospect is based on contemporary technology. Our  CATI telephone centre is based on a system which works according to  AAPOR standards and serves  20 workstations . The system enables simultaneous electronic data entry, takes care of random number selection and manages the calls and samples. This enables us to produce research according to world standards of our business and the capacity enables us to timely complete and deliver the data and analysis

M-prospect has <strong>specialised rooms for conducting focus groups and in-depth interviews with a capacity to provide monitoring for the client, by way of audio or video link or on-site


M-prospect has a network of more than <strong>80 pollsters throughout all of the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. Our pollsters have experience in PAPI, CAPI and in-depth interviews. At the same time we have more than 20 trained multilingual telephone interviewers.  This network consists of pollsters with several years of experience in telephone and face-to-face research. We care about continuous improvement of our network by trainings and improvements, as well as monitoring and analysis of their work. For the monitoring of the interviewers’ work, we have a <strong>team of 12 regional supervisors and 15 trained data entry technicians


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